6 Famous Architectural Chairs

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6 Famous Architectural Chairs

Architecture and Furniture

Architects that not only create beautiful buildings, but often they also create beautiful furniture.  What’s so special about architectural furniture is that it is often also very artistic, as well as functional.  Furthermore, architects are people who are very well away are of the space, and they know how to use different elements.  I was always fascinated by architectural furniture, just as much as I’m fascinated with interior design.

Adds Value To Your Home

Whether you all are selling your home and trying to get a better price, or you are just refurnishing your home, and trying to make it the most beautiful place in the world for you and your family, having architectural furniture in your home will definitely add value to it.  If you want to invest in your interior, consider getting architectural furniture.  Not only did these pieces will enhance your interior, but also they are true pieces of art.  For me, it’s like having a Monet painting on the wall.

Architectural Chairs

Talking about architectural furniture, what better place to start and dip your feet the water then by buying a simple chair.  We all need chairs, am I right?  We’ll need a place to sit.  Why not combine what is useful, with what is beautiful and architectural and by yourself an architectural chair.

In the vastness of many chairs to choose from, both designed by interior designers, or by architects, one can get easily lost and end up buying something you don’t really like.  Therefore, I have selected six chairs which I find particularly beautiful pieces of art and architecture, which were designed by architects, which could perhaps inspire you, to find chairs designed by architects that you will really like.  So here are six famous chairs, design by six famous architects:

Desk by Frank Lloyd Wright for the Larkin Company Office in Buffalo, New Your (1904)

OK, so perhaps you did not expect a desk to be attached to this chair.  But this is really one cute piece of both furniture and architecture.  I cannot help but be amazed at how modern this desk locks, considering the fact it was built in 1904.

Arm-rest Chair No. 6516 by Otto Wagner (1903 to 1904)

This famous chair looks a little bit uncomfortable, but it is the most unique and exquisite piece of art.

Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen for Fritz Hansen (1958)

This chair with its organic shape is truly a piece of art.

 Arm-rest Chair No.31 by Alvar Aalto for Artek (1930 to 1933)

Another chair with a fluent, organic shape, which has captured the hearts of many architecture lovers, as well as those who appreciate interior design, around the globe.

Military Chair by Gerrit Rietveld (1923)

This simple yet unique chair, is so clean cut that it breaths architecture, design, and military.

Armchair No. F 51 by Walter Gropius (1920)

Here is a fun, funky chair that you will love!  Armchair by W. Gropius is so breathtaking, so vivid, and so exquisite, that you will simply love it!