How To Make Elevators Energy Efficient

Posted by on Oct 4, 2015 in Increasing Efficiency | Comments Off on How To Make Elevators Energy Efficient

Elevators consume a lot of energy. According to a recent study, it was known that the energy consumed by elevators contributed to around 10% of the total energy consumption of any building. With energy costs on the rise of late, there is an urgent need to reduce power bills. More and more companies are coming with energy-efficient mechanisms to be installed in elevators, by virtue of which, you can save a major chunk on your electricity bills. The following are some of the latest techniques that are available to make elevators energy efficient.

 No separate machine room

Most of the elevator companies like ILCPL are coming up with elevators powered by this latest technology known as MRL (Machine Room Less). In the traditional form of elevators, there was a separate machine room in which the elevator shaft and other equipment were stored. These hydraulic lifts used to consume lots of energy and to reduce this, gearless elevators were introduced. In this method all the machinery is kept right inside the elevator shaft. In this method, the problem of hydraulic cylinders, environmental hazards and other pollution issues are completely eradicated.  These new-age MRL gearless elevators are believed to bring about 80% reductions in the energy consumption.

 Regenerative elevators

The age old concept of conversion of kinetic energy into electrical energy is applied in these innovative regenerative elevators or it may be called as elevator modernization. Click here to read detailed information about elevator modernization and other concepts. Here the heat that is produced from the movement of elevators is pooled back into the systems and electric energy is derived out of it. By adopting this method, elevators reduced their dependency on separate machine room systems for their air-conditioning and power requirements.  During the rush hours, regenerative elevators use their own force to supply power, thereby bringing about a marked improvement in the energy bills.

 Auto controls

Most of the times, it is the unused elevator that consumes more power than the used elevator. How many time we see lights and fans switched on in the lifts even when they are not operating in their full flow during the day time? In order to control these, elevator companies have come up with auto control features set up in the elevator mechanism itself, which helps to automatically switch off fans and bulbs when the lift is not in use. All the light used are LED models that consume lesser power than the other types like fluorescent.

 Apart from these, microprocessors and software are installed in elevators to understand their lead performance, idle times, re-directing idle elevators to accommodate people during rush hours, reduce waiting time of elevators, calculate the number of hours an elevator is in use every day, number of floors travelled per day etc. All of these help companies to incorporate efficient and effective energy consumption strategies in the elevator software and hardware specs.